What’s the Best Guitar for Air Travel?

For the vast majority of flights, your guitar will need to be checked. Watching your guitar get tagged and tossed onto the checked baggage conveyor belt is cringe worthy. Traveling with your guitar would be much less stressful if you could carry-on your guitar. Luckily, at The Travel Guitar, we have four different models of Overhead Collapsible Wood guitars.

The patented, removable neck system is a dream for guitarists with wanderlust. Within a matter of seconds, you can assemble or disassemble your guitar. The removable neck assembly is constructed of stainless steel load-bearing components. The push-button release latch under the neck makes disassembly incredibly easy. In addition, the large adjustment knob on the back of the guitar ensures that the neck and body are secure once assembled. If you haven’t already, watch the assembly/disassembly video here, and then go ahead and order your guitar.

Included with the guitar, the travel backpack provides ample storage and protection for your collapsible guitar, while easily fitting into the overhead bin on most major airlines. As a bonus, the backpack includes a laptop/tablet fold-out panel that is TSA compliant, allowing airport security to scan your device without having to remove it.


One of the Best Guitars for Air Travel: Sitka Sapele OF410

Here’s a taste of what our collapsible guitars bring to the table. The Sitka Sapele OF410, an overhead collapsible wood guitar, has a beautiful Spruce satin finish soundboard and Sapele satin finish back & sides. The small body size allows for easy travel yet still produces full sound through the use of a Manzer wedge. Overall, the Sapele OF410 comes in at 4.4 lbs. with dimensions of 22 x 14 x 10 in.

If you are concerned that the smaller frame will affect tone, don’t be. Our wedge design gives a depth that is deeper than a dreadnought, giving the guitar great volume and bass. The bone nut, bone saddle, and ebony bridge pins all aid in producing the perfect, acoustic tone. You can check out the rest of the specs here.

For backpackers and travellers, the overhead collapsible guitar is the ideal way to take your passion along for the journey. For more information and additional products from The Travel Guitar, check out our website or get in touch with a dealer near you.

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