Unique Gift Ideas for Guitarists That Love to Travel

Unique Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Finding unique gift ideas for guitarists can be tricky. Most guitar-based gifts are pretty obvious and there is a good chance the guitarist already owns it. So what could you possibly get a guitarist that already owns what they need? Start off by looking for guitar equipment that makes travelling easier. Travelling, whether for a show, for inspiration, or to connect with other music lovers, is often a difficult thing to do with a guitar. One of our goals at Journey Instruments is to make travelling with your guitar, just a little easier. Check out these unique gift ideas for guitarists.

Overhead Collapsible Carbon Fiber – OF660

The “Carbon Fiber – OF660” is one of our beautiful, overhead collapsible carbon guitars. Yes, you read that right; collapsible. This guitar is a travelling guitarists dream. The removable neck system makes this carbon fiber acoustic guitar carry-on friendly. The carbon fiber composite material is durable and allows for use in any climate with uncompromising sound. Despite its relatively small body, the sound of this collapsible guitar is full.

The travel optimized collapsible guitar comes in at 4.1 lbs. and is 35.5 inches in total length. The glossy finish of the soundboard, back, and sides provides beauty while the carbon fiber prevents cracking, warping, or tonal changes in altering climates.

The neck detaches and reattaches to the body easily. Just check out the assembly/disassembly portion of this review for the collapsible guitar here. The provided travel backpack safely stores the entire guitar, with a simple strap to keep the strings contained. Just to make things even easier, we’ve added a TSA compliant laptop/tablet fold out panel which can be easily scanned by security.

If you know a guitarist that loves to travel the world or just bring their guitar wherever they go, this is the perfect gift. You can save them from the pain and worry of placing their guitar in the checked baggage pile.

Fender Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

Another great, unique gift for guitarists is the ultra-portable clip-on tuner. The tuner clips on to the top of the neck to provide vibration-based tuning in noisy areas. The easy-to-read digital display shows white when out of tune and green when in tune. The tuner can easily be brought anywhere and allows the guitarist to tune virtually anywhere, whether that be a subway station in the city or a moonlit night atop a mountain.


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