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“To say I am stunned by every aspect of this would be an understatement. I already sold one to my partner in music and will be hauling it around Europe this spring. I should become a sales rep! I’m not famous but I’m good and been playing over 50 years. 2 Instrumental CD’s.I play a lot of solo and duo gigs around here in tasting rooms and events. I live in Napa Ca wine country. My wife is a French winemaker. Life is good and now its better without the fear of transporting irreplaceable instruments.  Formerly played with Ike and Tina, Bobby Womack, Commander Cody being the most notable…The 2 bridge saddles are an excellent touch…This guitar does well in all open tunings down to c. Killer bottom that competes or exceeds a $5K Martin I have as my main guitar. Well done! Happy, healthy, prosperous 2016 to you and yours.” – Larry Otis – Jan 2016″

Darío Pineda

“Right out the bag, I put the neck on and was shocked that the thing was almost still in tune (we’re talking 1/4 step sharp on 4 strings) !!!  Volume!  This thing really does sing with new strings, clear as a bell and projects extremely well.”

Lisa Smith
Unique Gift Ideas for Guitarists

“I recently purchased a Journey OF410. Shortly thereafter I took a trip to the Bahamas, and here are my thoughts on the product, and its intended purpose. First of all, fit & finish are excellent. It is a quality product. Second of all, I really like the tone of this guitar. The unique shape of the body combined with the Manzer wedge create a great sound. I find it pleasantly acoustic–plenty of highs, plenty of lows, crispy resonance, and powerful volume. Strumming, flatpicking, fingerstyle, and even slide all work well. At first you think, ‘not bad for a small body,’ then after awhile you think, ‘this is great for any body.’ This is a guitar I will be playing even when I’m not traveling.  The neck mechanism works very well and is easy to learn. I am impressed everyt ime I put it together. It disassembles just as easy, and fits nicely in the bag. The bag is a piece of engineering in and of itself. It is like icing on a cake. It is great for traveling, fit in every overhead bin I faced (from jets to jumpers), and provides plenty of protection for the guitar.”

Larry Otis

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